About Us

Extending from the snow covered mountains in the north to the mystic hills in the south, China offers a whole lot more than The Great Wall, The Forbidden City and The Terracotta Warriors!!

For a vast majority of visitors, the real China is hidden behind a veil of culture and language. Once you break through that veil, the hospitality, the warmth, the mysticism and the entire Oriental way of life is open to you!

GoRealChina.com is a different kind of travel company that takes you inside the real china and lets you explore the places off the beaten track. Whatever your interests – be it exploring rural china, trekking along the long seaside or a spiritual quest to the temples of Zen & Tao, GoRealChina can help take you there!

Be captivated by the diversity. Experience the sights that will leave you awed and touch your soul. Live the 5000 year old heritage.

Welcome and be a part of the magic!