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Shanghai Arrivals

Train #DepartingArrivingDeparture TimeArrival TimeJourney Duration
D106ChangshaShanghai Hongqian10:3620:139 hrs 37 mins
D107ChangshaShanghai Hongqian10:3620:139 hrs 37 mins
D281ZhengzhouShanghai Hongqian14:4221:276 hrs 45 mins
D284ZhengzhouShanghai Hongqian14:4221:276 hrs 45 mins
D285ZhengzhouShanghai Hongqian15:0922:417 hrs 32 mins
D288ZhengzhouShanghai Hongqian15:0922:417 hrs 32 mins
D291ZhengzhouShanghai Hongqian08:2515:487 hrs 23 mins
D294ZhengzhouShanghai Hongqian08:2515:487 hrs 23 mins
D3001WuhanShanghai Hongqian13:2019:346 hrs 14 mins
D3004WuhanShanghai Hongqian13:2019:346 hrs 14 mins
D3005Yichang EastShanghai Hongqian08:2015:447 hrs 24 mins
D3008Yichang EastShanghai Hongqian08:2015:447 hrs 24 mins
D3009WuchangShanghai Hongqian08:1114:226 hrs 11 mins
D3012WuchangShanghai Hongqian08:1114:226 hrs 11 mins
D3013HankouShanghai Hongqian07:2313:296 hrs 6 mins
D3016HankouShanghai Hongqian07:2313:296 hrs 6 mins
D3017HankouShanghai Hongqian15:2521:235 hrs 58 mins
D3020HankouShanghai Hongqian15:2521:235 hrs 58 mins
D3021WuchangShanghai Hongqian15:5322:176 hrs 24 mins
D3024WuchangShanghai Hongqian15:5322:176 hrs 24 mins
D3025HankouShanghai Hongqian07:0513:096 hrs 4 mins
D3028HankouShanghai Hongqian07:0513:096 hrs 4 mins
D3031HankouShanghai Hongqian08:4514:506 hrs 5 mins
D3034HankouShanghai Hongqian08:4514:506 hrs 5 mins
D3037HankouShanghai Hongqian08:0713:585 hrs 51 mins
D3040HankouShanghai Hongqian08:0713:585 hrs 51 mins
D3041WuchangShanghai Hongqian09:3015:566 hrs 26 mins
D3044WuchangShanghai Hongqian09:3015:566 hrs 26 mins
D3045WuchangShanghai Hongqian11:1717:356 hrs 18 mins
D3048WuchangShanghai Hongqian11:1717:356 hrs 18 mins
D3055HankouShanghai Hongqian13:4019:496 hrs 9 mins
D3058HankouShanghai Hongqian13:4019:496 hrs 9 mins
D3059HankouShanghai Hongqian16:3522:315 hrs 56 mins
D305Xi'an NorthShanghai21:0207:4810 hrs 46 mins
D3062HankouShanghai Hongqian16:3522:315 hrs 56 mins
D3063HankouShanghai Hongqian14:5221:006 hrs 8 mins
D3066HankouShanghai Hongqian14:5221:006 hrs 8 mins
D3067WuchangShanghai Hongqian16:5722:596 hrs 2 mins
D3070WuchangShanghai Hongqian16:5722:596 hrs 2 mins
D3071Yichang EastShanghai Hongqian13:4021:558 hrs 15 mins
D3074Yichang EastShanghai Hongqian13:4021:558 hrs 15 mins
D3085HankouShanghai Hongqian12:1517:024 hrs 47 mins
D3088HankouShanghai Hongqian12:1517:024 hrs 47 mins
D308Xi'an NorthShanghai21:0207:4810 hrs 46 mins
D3102FuzhouShanghai Hongqian07:1814:587 hrs 40 mins
D3104Fuzhou SouthShanghai Hongqian08:0515:447 hrs 39 mins
D3106Fuzhou SouthShanghai Hongqian15:4823:007 hrs 12 mins
D3108Fuzhou SouthShanghai Hongqian14:0120:376 hrs 36 mins
D3114Fuzhou SouthShanghai Hongqian15:0822:307 hrs 22 mins
D311Beijing SouthShanghai21:1608:5811 hrs 42 mins
D3120Xiamen NorthShanghai Hongqian08:1216:598 hrs 47 mins
D3122Fuzhou SouthShanghai Hongqian06:5013:396 hrs 49 mins
D313Beijing SouthShanghai19:3407:1511 hrs 41 mins
D315Beijing SouthShanghai Hongqian08:2216:558 hrs 33 mins
D317Beijing SouthShanghai Hongqian09:3818:278 hrs 49 mins
D319Beijing SouthShanghai Hongqian11:3620:449 hrs 8 mins
D3202XiamenShanghai Hongqian13:4222:408 hrs 58 mins
D3204XiamenShanghai Hongqian11:4220:258 hrs 43 mins
D3206XiamenShanghai Hongqian12:2521:359 hrs 10 mins
D3208Xiamen NorthShanghai Hongqian09:0218:079 hrs 5 mins
D3210Xiamen NorthShanghai Hongqian10:3519:208 hrs 45 mins
D321Beijing SouthShanghai21:2209:0411 hrs 42 mins
D325Tianjin WestShanghai Hongqian07:1015:178 hrs 7 mins
D361Jinan WestShanghai Hongqian07:0512:075 hrs 2 mins
D378FuzhouShanghai Hongqian14:4521:517 hrs 6 mins
D382Fuzhou SouthShanghai Hongqian07:5015:087 hrs 18 mins
D5465HefeiShanghai Hongqian16:2820:013 hrs 33 mins
D5468HefeiShanghai Hongqian16:2820:013 hrs 33 mins
D5485Lu'anShanghai Hongqian17:4622:094 hrs 23 mins
D5488Lu'anShanghai Hongqian17:4622:094 hrs 23 mins
D5560Wenzhou SouthShanghai Hongqian17:4422:485 hrs 4 mins
D5652YiwuShanghai Hongqian09:3412:072 hrs 33 mins
D5654YiwuShanghai Hongqian17:2419:502 hrs 26 mins
D5664Jinhua WestShanghai Hongqian19:0021:422 hrs 42 mins
D5682JiangshanShanghai Hongqian10:0014:104 hrs 10 mins
D5690QuzhouShanghai Hongqian11:0915:033 hrs 54 mins
D92NanchangShanghai Hongqian08:1014:306 hrs 20 mins
D94NanchangShanghai Hongqian08:5815:206 hrs 22 mins
D98NanchangShanghai Hongqian14:3521:156 hrs 40 mins

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Tips on travel and stay in China
Traveling to China has its own challenges! The following tips will help first time visitors to China: One should take along some usual medicines, such as those for colds, diarrhea, etc. when traveling. Medical facilities (both Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine) are widely available in China and are usually very inexpensive. China's currency is Yuan. Foreign currency is generally not accepted at most shops. You can use your international debit cards at ICBC or HSBC ATMs to get local currency. Direct phones are very common in China. You can also buy a SIM card from any China Unicom or China Mobile stores. Electricity supply is 220 volts. Universal adapters may be needed since China uses type I or type G sockets. All foreign visitors require visas to visit China. Chinese people are delighted if you make any attempt to speak Mandarin, even if it is only a couple of words! Ni Hao is a customary greeting in China. Traveling during China's national holidays may be difficult as most local transports are fully booked. China is generally very safe and has a very low crime rate per capita.