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Shanghai Departures

Train #DepartingArrivingDeparture TimeArrival TimeJourney Duration
D105Shanghai HongqianChangsha09:0518:219 hrs 16 mins
D282Shanghai HongqianZhengzhou07:3014:226 hrs 52 mins
D283Shanghai HongqianZhengzhou07:3014:226 hrs 52 mins
D286Shanghai HongqianZhengzhou07:4514:497 hrs 4 mins
D287Shanghai HongqianZhengzhou07:4514:497 hrs 4 mins
D292Shanghai HongqianZhengzhou16:1023:207 hrs 10 mins
D293Shanghai HongqianZhengzhou16:1023:207 hrs 10 mins
D3002Shanghai HongqianWuhan06:3312:396 hrs 6 mins
D3003Shanghai HongqianWuhan06:3312:396 hrs 6 mins
D3006Shanghai HongqianYichang East14:2921:337 hrs 4 mins
D3007Shanghai HongqianYichang East14:2921:337 hrs 4 mins
D3010Shanghai HongqianHankou14:5120:516 hrs 0 mins
D3011Shanghai HongqianHankou14:5120:516 hrs 0 mins
D3014Shanghai HongqianHankou16:0521:565 hrs 51 mins
D3015Shanghai HongqianHankou16:0521:565 hrs 51 mins
D3018Shanghai HongqianHankou08:3014:376 hrs 7 mins
D3019Shanghai HongqianHankou08:3014:376 hrs 7 mins
D3022Shanghai HongqianWuchang08:4415:176 hrs 33 mins
D3023Shanghai HongqianWuchang08:4415:176 hrs 33 mins
D3026Shanghai HongqianHankou13:2719:225 hrs 55 mins
D3027Shanghai HongqianHankou13:2719:225 hrs 55 mins
D3032Shanghai HongqianHankou15:1421:125 hrs 58 mins
D3033Shanghai HongqianHankou15:1421:125 hrs 58 mins
D3038Shanghai HongqianHankou14:2320:135 hrs 50 mins
D3039Shanghai HongqianHankou14:2320:135 hrs 50 mins
D3042Shanghai HongqianHankou17:0522:575 hrs 52 mins
D3043Shanghai HongqianHankou17:0522:575 hrs 52 mins
D3046Shanghai HongqianHankou17:5223:375 hrs 45 mins
D3047Shanghai HongqianHankou17:5223:375 hrs 45 mins
D3056Shanghai HongqianHankou07:0613:146 hrs 8 mins
D3057Shanghai HongqianHankou07:0613:146 hrs 8 mins
D3060Shanghai HongqianHankou09:4315:436 hrs 0 mins
D3061Shanghai HongqianHankou09:4315:436 hrs 0 mins
D3064Shanghai HongqianHankou08:1014:186 hrs 8 mins
D3065Shanghai HongqianHankou08:1014:186 hrs 8 mins
D3068Shanghai HongqianWuchang10:2316:376 hrs 14 mins
D3069Shanghai HongqianWuchang10:2316:376 hrs 14 mins
D306ShanghaiXi'an North22:0008:4010 hrs 40 mins
D3072Shanghai HongqianYichang East06:4214:578 hrs 15 mins
D3073Shanghai HongqianYichang East06:4214:578 hrs 15 mins
D307ShanghaiXi'an North22:0008:4010 hrs 40 mins
D3086Shanghai HongqianHankou17:2722:144 hrs 47 mins
D3087Shanghai HongqianHankou17:2722:144 hrs 47 mins
D3101Shanghai HongqianFuzhou15:1722:257 hrs 8 mins
D3103Shanghai HongqianFuzhou South16:0923:157 hrs 6 mins
D3105Shanghai HongqianFuzhou South07:3414:437 hrs 9 mins
D3107Shanghai HongqianFuzhou South08:3015:587 hrs 28 mins
D3113Shanghai HongqianFuzhou South08:1015:267 hrs 16 mins
D3119Shanghai HongqianXiamen North12:2520:588 hrs 33 mins
D3121Shanghai HongqianFuzhou South14:4421:447 hrs 0 mins
D312ShanghaiBeijing South19:3007:0711 hrs 37 mins
D314ShanghaiBeijing South21:1808:5611 hrs 38 mins
D316Shanghai HongqianBeijing South07:2515:217 hrs 56 mins
D318Shanghai HongqianBeijing South08:2217:539 hrs 31 mins
D3201Shanghai HongqianXiamen08:0516:498 hrs 44 mins
D3203Shanghai HongqianXiamen10:2219:198 hrs 57 mins
D3205Shanghai HongqianXiamen10:0518:548 hrs 49 mins
D3207Shanghai HongqianXiamen North11:0519:588 hrs 53 mins
D3209Shanghai HongqianXiamen North10:2719:409 hrs 13 mins
D320Shanghai HongqianBeijing South10:2319:058 hrs 42 mins
D322ShanghaiBeijing South20:0007:3811 hrs 38 mins
D326Shanghai HongqianTianjin West14:1322:178 hrs 4 mins
D364Shanghai HongqianJinan West18:1023:175 hrs 7 mins
D379Shanghai HongqianFuzhou South09:2216:237 hrs 1 mins
D381Shanghai HongqianFuzhou South15:3022:577 hrs 27 mins
D5452Shanghai HongqianHuainan East07:4611:554 hrs 9 mins
D5453Shanghai HongqianHuainan East07:4611:554 hrs 9 mins
D5478Shanghai HongqianLu'an07:2811:524 hrs 24 mins
D5479Shanghai HongqianLu'an07:2811:524 hrs 24 mins
D5559Shanghai HongqianWenzhou South07:0611:594 hrs 53 mins
D5599Shanghai HongqianNingbo East20:0622:582 hrs 52 mins
D5651Shanghai HongqianYiwu06:4309:142 hrs 31 mins
D5653Shanghai HongqianYiwu14:2817:042 hrs 36 mins
D5663Shanghai HongqianJinhua West15:2218:383 hrs 16 mins
D5689Shanghai HongqianQuzhou06:4810:393 hrs 51 mins
D91Shanghai HongqianNanchang14:5021:326 hrs 42 mins
D93Shanghai HongqianNanchang16:1422:446 hrs 30 mins
D97Shanghai HongqianNanchang07:4214:096 hrs 27 mins

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Tips on travel and stay in China
Traveling to China has its own challenges! The following tips will help first time visitors to China: One should take along some usual medicines, such as those for colds, diarrhea, etc. when traveling. Medical facilities (both Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine) are widely available in China and are usually very inexpensive. China's currency is Yuan. Foreign currency is generally not accepted at most shops. You can use your international debit cards at ICBC or HSBC ATMs to get local currency. Direct phones are very common in China. You can also buy a SIM card from any China Unicom or China Mobile stores. Electricity supply is 220 volts. Universal adapters may be needed since China uses type I or type G sockets. All foreign visitors require visas to visit China. Chinese people are delighted if you make any attempt to speak Mandarin, even if it is only a couple of words! Ni Hao is a customary greeting in China. Traveling during China's national holidays may be difficult as most local transports are fully booked. China is generally very safe and has a very low crime rate per capita.