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Shenzhen Departures

Train #DepartingArrivingDeparture TimeArrival TimeJourney Duration
D7002ShenzhenGuangzhou07:4609:201 hrs 34 mins
D7004ShenzhenGuangzhou East11:2012:391 hrs 19 mins
D7006ShenzhenGuangzhou East14:2515:441 hrs 19 mins
D7008ShenzhenGuangzhou East17:2718:461 hrs 19 mins
D7010ShenzhenGuangzhou East20:2921:481 hrs 19 mins
D7012ShenzhenGuangzhou06:2007:571 hrs 37 mins
D7014ShenzhenGuangzhou10:1211:531 hrs 41 mins
D7016ShenzhenGuangzhou13:5015:281 hrs 38 mins
D7018ShenzhenGuangzhou East17:3818:571 hrs 19 mins
D7020ShenzhenGuangzhou East20:5122:101 hrs 19 mins
D7022ShenzhenGuangzhou East08:0109:201 hrs 19 mins
D7024ShenzhenGuangzhou East11:0312:221 hrs 19 mins
D7026ShenzhenGuangzhou East14:0815:271 hrs 19 mins
D7028ShenzhenGuangzhou East17:1018:291 hrs 19 mins
D7030ShenzhenGuangzhou East20:1221:311 hrs 19 mins
D7034ShenzhenGuangzhou09:0410:361 hrs 32 mins
D7036ShenzhenGuangzhou East12:3413:531 hrs 19 mins
D7038ShenzhenGuangzhou East15:4117:001 hrs 19 mins
D7040ShenzhenGuangzhou East18:4520:041 hrs 19 mins
D7042ShenzhenGuangzhou East21:4723:061 hrs 19 mins
D7044ShenzhenGuangzhou East08:2209:411 hrs 19 mins
D7046ShenzhenGuangzhou11:3113:061 hrs 35 mins
D7048ShenzhenGuangzhou East15:0116:201 hrs 19 mins
D7050ShenzhenGuangzhou East18:0319:221 hrs 19 mins
D7052ShenzhenGuangzhou East21:0522:241 hrs 19 mins
D7054ShenzhenGuangzhou East06:4007:591 hrs 19 mins
D7056ShenzhenGuangzhou East09:4711:061 hrs 19 mins
D7058ShenzhenGuangzhou East12:5014:091 hrs 19 mins
D7060ShenzhenGuangzhou East15:5117:101 hrs 19 mins
D7062ShenzhenGuangzhou East18:5320:121 hrs 19 mins
D7064ShenzhenGuangzhou East21:5523:141 hrs 19 mins
D7066ShenzhenGuangzhou08:3110:031 hrs 32 mins
D7068ShenzhenGuangzhou12:0013:351 hrs 35 mins
D7070ShenzhenGuangzhou15:3317:121 hrs 39 mins
D7072ShenzhenGuangzhou East19:1220:311 hrs 19 mins
D7074ShenzhenGuangzhou East22:2023:391 hrs 19 mins
D7076ShenzhenGuangzhou East08:3909:581 hrs 19 mins
D7078ShenzhenGuangzhou East11:4113:001 hrs 19 mins
D7080ShenzhenGuangzhou14:4316:191 hrs 36 mins
D7082ShenzhenGuangzhou East18:2019:391 hrs 19 mins
D7084ShenzhenGuangzhou East21:2222:411 hrs 19 mins
D7086ShenzhenGuangzhou East08:4710:061 hrs 19 mins
D7088ShenzhenGuangzhou East11:4913:081 hrs 19 mins
D7090ShenzhenGuangzhou East14:5116:101 hrs 19 mins
D7092ShenzhenGuangzhou17:5319:321 hrs 39 mins
D7094ShenzhenGuangzhou East21:3022:491 hrs 19 mins
D7096ShenzhenGuangzhou East08:5510:141 hrs 19 mins
D7098ShenzhenGuangzhou East12:0813:271 hrs 19 mins
D7100ShenzhenGuangzhou East15:1016:291 hrs 19 mins
D7102ShenzhenGuangzhou East18:1219:311 hrs 19 mins
D7104ShenzhenGuangzhou East21:1422:331 hrs 19 mins
D7106ShenzhenGuangzhou09:3111:101 hrs 39 mins
D7108ShenzhenGuangzhou East13:1414:331 hrs 19 mins
D7110ShenzhenGuangzhou East16:1617:351 hrs 19 mins
D7112ShenzhenGuangzhou19:2921:011 hrs 32 mins
D7114ShenzhenGuangzhou East07:2008:391 hrs 19 mins
D7116ShenzhenGuangzhou East10:2211:411 hrs 19 mins
D7118ShenzhenGuangzhou13:2414:561 hrs 32 mins
D7120ShenzhenGuangzhou East16:5418:131 hrs 19 mins
D7122ShenzhenGuangzhou East19:5621:151 hrs 19 mins
D7126ShenzhenGuangzhou07:1008:501 hrs 40 mins
D7128ShenzhenGuangzhou East10:4812:071 hrs 19 mins
D7130ShenzhenGuangzhou East13:5815:171 hrs 19 mins
D7132ShenzhenGuangzhou17:0218:351 hrs 33 mins
D7134ShenzhenGuangzhou20:3722:081 hrs 31 mins
D7136ShenzhenGuangzhou East06:5308:121 hrs 19 mins
D7138ShenzhenGuangzhou East09:5511:141 hrs 19 mins
D7140ShenzhenGuangzhou East12:5814:171 hrs 19 mins
D7142ShenzhenGuangzhou East16:0017:191 hrs 19 mins
D7144ShenzhenGuangzhou East19:0220:211 hrs 19 mins
D7146ShenzhenGuangzhou East22:0423:231 hrs 19 mins
D7158ShenzhenGuangzhou East07:3008:491 hrs 19 mins
D7160ShenzhenGuangzhou East10:3511:531 hrs 18 mins
D7162ShenzhenGuangzhou East13:3714:551 hrs 18 mins
D7164ShenzhenGuangzhou East16:4017:581 hrs 18 mins
D7166ShenzhenGuangzhou East19:4020:581 hrs 18 mins
D7168ShenzhenGuangzhou East22:4023:591 hrs 19 mins
D7170ShenzhenGuangzhou East09:2110:401 hrs 19 mins
D7172ShenzhenGuangzhou East12:2413:431 hrs 19 mins
D7174ShenzhenGuangzhou East15:2616:451 hrs 19 mins
D7176ShenzhenGuangzhou18:3620:081 hrs 32 mins
D7178ShenzhenGuangzhou East22:1223:311 hrs 19 mins
D7180ShenzhenGuangzhou East09:3910:581 hrs 19 mins
D7182ShenzhenGuangzhou12:4214:201 hrs 38 mins
D7184ShenzhenGuangzhou16:2818:041 hrs 36 mins
D7186ShenzhenGuangzhou20:0421:431 hrs 39 mins

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Tips on travel and stay in China
Traveling to China has its own challenges! The following tips will help first time visitors to China: One should take along some usual medicines, such as those for colds, diarrhea, etc. when traveling. Medical facilities (both Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine) are widely available in China and are usually very inexpensive. China's currency is Yuan. Foreign currency is generally not accepted at most shops. You can use your international debit cards at ICBC or HSBC ATMs to get local currency. Direct phones are very common in China. You can also buy a SIM card from any China Unicom or China Mobile stores. Electricity supply is 220 volts. Universal adapters may be needed since China uses type I or type G sockets. All foreign visitors require visas to visit China. Chinese people are delighted if you make any attempt to speak Mandarin, even if it is only a couple of words! Ni Hao is a customary greeting in China. Traveling during China's national holidays may be difficult as most local transports are fully booked. China is generally very safe and has a very low crime rate per capita.